Who are we? Difficult question that is not fit for a short introduction. Maybe we’d better start from “where we come from” and from “where we are going to”.

Well, here our ideas are a little clearer. We come from Terranauta, the FN Editrice portal, its on line newspaper. It is a project born almost by chance from the troubled minds of two journalists, Francesca Giomo and Daniel Tarozzi, that has grown enormously and has become a macro-container whose contents are very miscellaneous, but with a pole star clearly showing the way, and this way consists of the subject and of the tone based, as our readers know, on human being and on the planet where he lives.

So, we come from there and on the way we met another very troubled mind. Of course, we could not resist and in a few days Stefano Zoja was one of us. Then can we say that we are Francesca, Daniel and Stefano? In part we can, but only in part. Let’s try to understand where we are going to, hopefully this will help us clarify our ideas. We are going towards a new kind of searching started inside Terranauta but grown continuously up to requiring its own space, i.e. a production company whose showcase is Videonauta.

Actually, our Videonauta is a child of Terranauta; he has come of age and now is ready to set out for his own way always keeping in mind what his beloved mother Hearth (Terra) and his beloved father Navigator (Nauta) taught him. He has a precise purpose: to go and report reality, no matter where it will show itself to the camera.

Thanks to the quickness brought by the digital age, Terranauta is going to spread little Videonauti all over the planet, who are ready to report the reality that is hidden behind appearances, to immortalize landscapes and smiles, sunsets and hardships, dumps and temples. But we are going further. Through the experience of FN Editrice, Terranauta has specialized in making videos regarding the world of psychophysical wellbeing, of the spas, of the beauty centres and the arts.

Two souls live together inside our prodigal son: one soul is more “institutional” and is aimed at reporting in a new and fascinating way the different sides characterizing the complicated world of wellbeing and the other soul is more an “explorer”, aimed at searching, reporting, communicating, by combining ability and originality and trying to renew communication languages, often worn-out and repetitive. Have we explained who we are? Probably we have not, but you can have a look at our portfolio and maybe your ideas will get clear. Otherwise, feel free to contact us!