You may think that most people don’t pay much attention to credits, but if you don’t find them, you may think it is not fair!

Expressing our thanks seems very easy to us, especially because we live in a reality full of trust, enthusiasm and the good will of our friends. 

Therefore let’s thank Gianluca Grandinetti, art editor, designer, friend, always traceable everywhere and in any case. Switch off your PC now and then!

Let’s thank Caterina Giomo, art director and assistant director, who helped our tireless Gianluca with graphic designs, giving advice and creating logos and symbols.

Let’s thank Cristiana Depedrini, also known as “Cro”, who drew the images that represent us in “About us".

Actually, we had asked for our caricatures but in the end the icons turned out to be better than the originals, especially for the boys…..

Let’s thank Damiano Cristilli who carried out the animation that introduces the Terranauta videos.

We would like to really thank  Erika Vivaldini for the English- Italian translation of Terranauta.

Let’s thank Fabio Bonelli who always had accurate and constructive remarks and proposals.
Absolutely necessary.

Let’s thank Roberto Duca and Stella Magi; they are invisible but essential for what we are building.

Let’s thank the authors and the directors, the editors, the technicians and the sound engineers who worked, are working and will work with us. Especially, we’d like to mention Luca Asperius, Pietro Baroni, Andrea Boretti, Gianluca Ferretti, Miriam Giudici, Aljeandro Lightower, Silvia Malavasi and Silvia Tagliabue. Many people joined us and will join us in the future to start a family that’s always growing, with some children leaving home and some others coming in.

Special thanks to all the members of Terranauta staff; their continuous help and enthusiasm are making unrealizable dreams come true. Many thanks to Claudia Bruno who can replace us in an excellent way when we are somewhere else carrying out a new project. She is really incomparable.

In the end, our sincere thanks to our readers (and now we can say our audience!). Keep on following us. We will try to keep you informed and cheer you up.