Videonauta was designed as the video side, the on line newspaper of FN Editrice. Therefore, it came out from the experience of journalists who are familiar with the new media and who have learnt their extraordinary versatility and infinite potentials.

Our production company uses digital cameras and technology and prefers the Dv format in order to guarantee low prices together with high quality and ability. If required, we can shoot in beta or in any other format you need.
Our structure is “easygoing” because we can adapt ourselves to customer’s requirements by making use of suitable technology and professional competence.

Nowadays professional technology is within everyone’s reach and therefore quality is the only road to success and reliability. That’s why all of us, including authors, editors, sound engineers and electricians, have had a journalistic training. Because we want from ourselves the rigorousness required by journalism and allowing us to face with no problems any “subject” that is in front of the camera.